4 Times To Consider Air Duct Replacement For Your Home

29 June 2022
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You might think your metal air ducts are indestructible, but they eventually wear out just like the rest of your HVAC equipment does. At some point, you may need to have your air ducts replaced whether they are coil ducts or made from sheet metal. Here's when it may be necessary to put in new ducts. 1. When Mold Grows Inside The Ducts If you have a mold problem in your house, as might happen after a pipe leak that causes mold to grow up the walls or under the flooring, the spores could spread through your air ducts. Read More 

Three Hidden Benefits Of Air Duct Sealing For Your Home

3 June 2022
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Duct sealing is often ignored when homeowners upgrade their energy and air conditioning systems. Since air ducts are vital for distributing heated and cooled air in the house, they are susceptible to leaks, blockage, and gaps that allow air to escape before it reaches its destined location. Thus, unsealed ducts can result in high utility costs, limited HVAC lifespan, and poor indoor air quality threatening the health and wellbeing of people in a home. Read More 

When Is It Time To Repair An Air Conditioning System?

12 May 2022
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Timely air conditioning repair work can save you on potentially bigger replacement costs. How do you do repairs in time, though, to avoid the worst-case scenario? You need to look for these 5 signs it may be time to address some problems with the A/C system. Increasing Utility Bills Okay, you should probably check whether your electric company increased its rates before assuming this is a sign of trouble. Check the bill for overall consumption, especially year-over-year. Read More 

Why Prompt Professional Air Conditioning Repair Is Your Best Bet

19 April 2022
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You may not know the importance of your AC system until it develops a problem. Air conditioning units are responsible for maintaining a cool temperature in your home when it's hot and humid. If they develop any issue, their efficiency will be impacted, and they won't offer you the convenience and comfort you need. Many things can make your AC break down, although a common one is wear and tear. As your unit operates over time, its functioning will decrease due to old or worn-out parts. Read More 

2 Possible Reasons Why The Evaporator Coil In Your Central A/C Unit Keeps Freezing Up

25 March 2022
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After noticing that the air in your home feels warm and muggy, you may have discovered that your home's central A/C unit has frozen up. After unplugging and while thawing the unit, you may have noticed that the evaporator coil is the source of the ice. Since it is possible that the coils freezing up was a one-off occurrence, wait until the unit is completely dethawed. Then, run it as normal and keep an eye on the coils for any ice formation after a few hours. Read More