Is Your Office Air Conditioner Producing A Foul Smell? 3 Reasons To Hire AC Repair Contractor

11 November 2022
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If your air quality is compromised due to a faulty air conditioning system, you must address the issue before it worsens. Poor air quality in your office could affect you, your workers, or your business. The best way to handle the issue is by hiring a skilled AC contractor to diagnose and solve the problem. Here are the top three reasons to seek AC service when you notice strange smells in your office.

1. The Refrigerant Is Leaking

Though overlooked, refrigerant plays a vital role in the cooling unit since it absorbs and releases heat. But over time, issues like weak joint connection, corrosion, or wear and tear of the air conditioner might cause the refrigerant to leak. Consequently, you will experience strange acetone, exhaust fumes, or chemical-like smells in your office.

Sadly, inhaling this refrigerant could cause various health problems like respiratory issues, nausea, eye irritation, or skin irritation. So, if the refrigerant leaks in your office, you need to reach out to skilled professionals to fix the issue immediately to prevent it from affecting the health of your workers and clients.

2. There is Stagnant Water

Humidity holds heat, which means that high moisture levels in your office will lead to excess heat, forcing the AC to work harder to cool your space. That is why the cooling unit is designed to absorb the excess moisture from the air and pass it through the drain so it can leave your building. Unfortunately, if the drain line is clogged, the moisture will not drain, leading to mold and mildew infestation. Besides the unpleasant smell, molds are unsightly and could cause health complications such as respiratory issues or asthma. Luckily, you can avoid this by hiring professionals to check the condition of your AC as soon as you notice a musty smell in your office.

3. The Wires are Worn Out

The cooling unit has numerous electrical connections and wires that supply power to different components. After using the AC for some time, the wires might get loose, dislodged, worn out, or damaged. As a result, wires might come into contact, producing a burning-like smell. If you ignore this smell, then you risk issues like fire or electrocution.

Therefore, hire skilled air conditioner experts to get to the root of the problem and fix it before it causes more severe complications. These professionals have the tools and skills to fix or replace the wires to keep you safe.

You will enjoy a cool office with fresh air when your cooling unit works as required. However, if it fails, you will notice strange smells in your space. When you do, hire an AC service to find the cause of the problem and fix it.