Minimizing Strain On Your AC System: Air Conditioning Repair Services And More

26 June 2023
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How can you minimize the strain on your AC system in the summer months? If your central system is working harder than it should, take a look at how air conditioning repair, routine maintenance, and easy-to-follow care tips can help to reduce the strain during the hottest time of the year.

Schedule AC Repairs ASAP

Don't wait until the end of the summer or the next cooling season to schedule air conditioner repairs. Whether your central system doesn't cool properly, doesn't cool at all, makes odd noises, has an off odor, leaks water, or has another issue, it requires a repair immediately. The longer you wait to schedule this type of service visit, the more strain you will put on your system.

Repeated use of a failing, worn, or damaged system will force it to work harder. This will add to the problem and could create additional damage. The result is higher electric bills, less cooling power, and the possible need for a full system replacement.

Change the Thermostat

This top has two meanings—either change the thermostat setting or change the entire thermostat (upgrade it for a new one). You want to feel cool and comfortable in your home. But this doesn't mean the AC needs to stay on 24/7. If you turn the setting up to a higher temperature for part of the day, you can use less energy. This takes some of the strain off of the system and can reduce your summer-time cooling costs.

If you forget to change the thermostat setting or your thermostat is older and unreliable, replacing it could take some of the strain off of your air conditioner. A programmable or smart thermostat allows you to set temperature changes ahead of time or on a specific schedule.

Smart thermostats also provide a way to monitor and control the temperature from anywhere. This allows you to move the setting up while you're away, lower it before you return home, and eliminate unnecessary cooling system use.

Care for the AC System

Your air conditioner and the rest of the cooling system need routine checkups to work at peak performance. This means you will need to schedule a pre, mid, or post-season inspection and cleaning to reduce the strain on the system. These services can increase efficiency and decrease workload.

Along with professional services, change or clean the air filter regularly to reduce system-wide strain. A clogged filter forces the central system to push harder just to circulate the indoor air. This adds unnecessary stress that can wear the system out or result in damage. If you're not sure which filter is the best option or how often to change it, talk to the HVAC pro during your next regular maintenance visit.