HVAC Services That Will Lower Your Heating Bill

5 June 2023
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Energy costs are rising, and if you're like most people, you are looking for ways to reduce energy consumption at home. Your heating system is a good area to place your focus on. You can save money on heating by turning the thermostat down a little, keeping your windows closed, and using your ceiling fans to keep the air well-circulated. But did you know there are also some professional heating services that can keep your system efficient and help you save money? Here are those services: 

Furnace Maintenance

It is a good idea to have a furnace company come to maintain and tune up your furnace once a year or so. During this appointment, they will lubricate moving parts in your furnace. When they are well lubricated, they will slide past one another more easily, which will reduce energy consumption. The maintenance person will also adjust or tighten any screws or bolts inside the furnace. This will stop the rattling and the excess energy consumption that comes with it.

Duct Cleaning

The ducts associated with your furnace affect its efficiency more than you might realize. If there are gaps between the sections of your ducts, then heated air will escape through those gaps, reducing your furnace's efficiency. If the ducts are dirty, then they will get your furnace dirty, which will reduce its efficiency. As such, it is wise to have professionals clean your ducts every few years. They'll remove the dust and other debris from inside your ducts. If they find any gaps, they can either patch the gaps on the spot or schedule an appointment to come back and do that work later.

Fan Adjustment

The way your furnace's fan operates has an impact on how much energy it uses. If the fan is running faster than it needs to, then it will use more energy than necessary. If it is running slower than necessary, then it may not be propelling all of the heat generated into your home, which is also a waste of energy. An HVAC contractor can look over your furnace, assess its heat distribution, and adjust the fan so that it is operating at the best speed for energy savings.

If you are looking to save energy at home, start with your furnace. A maintenance appointment, some fan adjustments, and periodic duct inspection and cleaning can go a long way. Contact an HVAC contactor to learn more.