Getting The Right Commercial Water Softener Is Important

19 April 2023
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Hard water is groundwater filtered through the bedrock that has absorbed molecules of certain minerals, like calcium and lime. Not every kind of bedrock will cause hard water. Limestone is notorious for creating hard water because it is a soft, porous stone, so as the water runs through it, it easily picks up those molecules. The more of these molecules the water has, the harder the water will be. Hard water leaves nasty deposits in pipes, fixtures, and machines. If the water isn't treated, those deposits can shorten the life of any machine. One way to prevent that is to use a water softener. 


When you are choosing a water softener to use in your commercial business, you need to make sure that you get the right sized unit. One that is too little won't be able to handle the load you need, and one that is too large can cause its own problems. Since size really does matter in this case, you need to know how to figure out what size water softener you need. The company that will do the installation for you will be able to narrow it down more precisely for you, but you can get a rough idea before you talk to them. 

Flow Rate

One of the things that you need to know to discover what size water softener you need is the flow rate in your facility. The flow rate measures how fast water will need to make its way through your facility during peak usage hours. That is usually measured by gallons; you may see it as gallons per hour. You want your flow rate to be measured at peak usage because that ensures the water softener will handle the load. 

Water Hardness

You also need to know how hard your water is. That means that you need to know how much calcium, lime, and magnesium your water is carrying. That is measured as grains per gallon. You can get tests to measure how much of each element is in your water. When you know that measurement, you can multiply it by the flow rate. That will give you your facility's daily requirement for softened water. 

Using a commercial water softener for your facility can help stretch the life of your plumbing. It can also help stretch the life of any machines you use that need water running through them. Knowing a rough estimate of the size you need will help you when you talk to the installation company and make your final decision. 

For more information about commercial water softeners, contact a local company.