See A Lot Of Mold In Your Home? Hire A Mold Testing Company

26 January 2023
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A lot of mold in your home can cause problems, especially for people that have allergies. This is because mold spores get into the air and people breathe these in. One thing you should do is hire a mold testing company to determine the type of mold you have in your home. Below is information on what tasks the mold testing company will perform. 

Do a Visual Inspection

The first thing the mold testing company will do is a visual inspection. They will first ask you where you have seen mold. They will then inspect every room in your home thoroughly for signs of mold. They may ask you if you have smelled a musty odor in any room in your home, as this is a sign of mold. 

The mold testing company looks around water sources such as in bathrooms and around plumbing pipes. If you have had any type of water damage in the past, make sure you tell the mold testing company about this. They will need to inspect these areas as well as there may be hidden mold you are not aware of.

They will also do air testing to help them determine the level of mold that is in a room. This test will show if there are mold spores in the room. If so, they will sample air in a room that has no mold and then compare the two together.  

Send Mold to Laboratory 

The mold testing company will take samples of the mold they find in different areas of your home. They then send the mold to a testing laboratory to determine what kind of mold you have. This test will also show how toxic the mold is. 

When the samples are sent to the lab, they do a variety of tests to determine the type of mold. They often culture the mold to determine the species or use a microscope. They also check for mycotoxins in the mold samples. Mycotoxins can be dangerous to everyone in your home. If you have this type, you need to take care of it immediately.

The lab sends a test to the mold testing company. This allows the contractor to advise you on what you should do to remove the mold in your home. This test will show the spore levels that were found. They may send digital photos as well.

If you plan to hire a mold remediation company to help you remove mold, you will need to give them these reports. This will be useful to them as this will show them how they need to clean the mold.

For more information, contact a mold testing company in your area.