Own A Business That Has A Walk-In Cooler? 4 Problems To Be Aware Of

16 September 2022
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If you own a business and have a walk-in cooler, you do not want it to go out on you. Imagine how much food and other items you would waste. To help prevent this from happening, below are four problems you should be aware of. You can then diagnose them faster so you can get your walk-in cooler repaired. 

Problems with Condenser

The main job of a condenser is to remove heat from inside the walk-in cooler to ensure the temperature stays at the right setting. The condenser has fans that move the heat outside through vents. One problem that is common with the condenser is the coils become dirty. If this happens, the temperature inside the cooler will rise. The condenser also uses a fan, which can become dirty. The fan may be damaged and needs to be replaced. Have the walk-in cooler looked at if you notice the temperature goes down even a few degrees. 


The evaporator distributes the cold air throughout the walk-in cooler. If you notice your walk-in cooler is not cooling properly, the evaporator may be the problem. The air filter may be clogged and needs to be cleaned or replaced with a new one. There could also be a refrigeration leak inside the walk-in cooler, or the condenser may have built up dirt on it. If not taken care of soon, the evaporator will freeze up, which you will know because of ice built up on it.

Leaks in Panel Insulation

The exterior of a walk-in cooler is made with insulation panels. These panels are what keep the cold air inside the cooler and maintain the internal temperature. The panels should be monitored and checked periodically to ensure there are no leaks. This is especially true if the walk-in cooler is older as insulation can break down over time. If you notice a leak or the panels are old, you can have them replaced with new ones. This will help prevent leaks from happening in the future so your walk-in cooler stays running. 

Drain Pan Clogged

Your walk-in cooler has a drain pan, which is where excess water goes. This water comes from the evaporator during the defrost cycle. The melted ice flows through a drain line into a pan or tray connected to the walk-in cooler. Once the water gets into the pan it is supposed to evaporate to prevent the pan from overflowing. If you notice water in the pan overflowing, however, there is likely a clog in the drain line. Fortunately, this is generally an easy fix for a walk-in cooler repair contractor. 

Talk with a walk-in cooler repair contractor to learn about other problems you may have with your cooler in the future.