The 3 Steps To Effectively Maintain Your Air Conditioner

19 July 2022
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Proper air conditioner maintenance plays a huge role in avoiding hefty repair bills and preserving the energy efficiency of your cooling system. In order to accomplish these goals, you will need to complete three basic maintenance steps. You can learn more about each of these three steps below.

Step #1: Cleaning Or Replacing Your Air Filter 

This step represents the most frequent type of air conditioner maintenance that you will need to perform and plays a very important part in promoting proper airflow through your cooling system. Each month you will need to check the air intake filer which is typically located on the front of your main air conditioning unit or behind your main air return vent. Hold the filter up to the light. If you cannot easily see through the filter, you will need to either clean or replace the filter depending on whether or not you have chosen to invest in a reusable filter. 

Step #2: Cleaning Your Condenser

As part of your air conditioner maintenance, you will also need to ensure that your outdoor condenser remains clean and that grass or other plants are not allowed to obstruct the flow of air into this condenser. In order to do this, you should begin by trimming any grass or plants that surround the condenser. This should be done using a pair of gardening shears rather than a mower or other lawn equipment since this equipment can potentially dent the cage surrounding your condenser. Once you have cleaned around the condenser, you will want to use a garden hose to wash away any dirt and other debris. You should not use a power sprayer when completing this task since it can damage your air condenser. 

Step #3: Professional Servicing

In addition to the basis do-it-yourself maintenance steps described above, you will also need to take advantage of a professional air conditioner maintenance service if you wish to keep your cooling system in tip-top shape. This service should be utilized each year before the start of the summer cooling season. As part of this annual service, your HVAC contractor will remove all of the dust and debris from inside your air conditioner in order to ensure proper airflow and help prevent your cooling coils from freezing over.  In addition to thoroughly cleaning your air conditioner, your HVAC contractor will also inspect your unit for any signs of wear and tear. Addressing worn-out parts before they result in a system failure can save you the added expense and inconvenience of using emergency repair services.