4 Times To Consider Air Duct Replacement For Your Home

29 June 2022
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You might think your metal air ducts are indestructible, but they eventually wear out just like the rest of your HVAC equipment does. At some point, you may need to have your air ducts replaced whether they are coil ducts or made from sheet metal. Here's when it may be necessary to put in new ducts.

1. When Mold Grows Inside The Ducts

If you have a mold problem in your house, as might happen after a pipe leak that causes mold to grow up the walls or under the flooring, the spores could spread through your air ducts. While cleaning ducts is always a possibility to consider, if the insides of the ducts are covered with mold, it could be a better and safer option to have a total air duct replacement.

2. When The Seams Are Coming Loose 

You'll probably need to seal leaky seams a few times over the life of your ducts, but when it seems like your ducts are coming apart frequently, it could be a good idea to get the ducts replaced. A seam might open up without you knowing it and affect how well your AC or heat works. An open seam could even drive up your power bill.

3. After An Infestation Of Rodents

It's fairly common for rodents to infest attics. If rodents take over your attic, they might move into your ducts since ducts are nice and cozy. They may drag insulation inside the ducts to make nests. Rats could have babies in your ducts, urinate in your ducts, and leave droppings behind. The ducts will take on the musty odor of rodents and when your blower kicks on, the air will blow the foul odor into your home.

Even more worrisome, germs from the rodents can blow through your home too. Rather than try to clean ducts after a bad rodent infestation, you may prefer to get an air duct replacement, especially if the rodents gnawed on the ducts and caused a lot of damage.

4. When You Get A New HVAC Unit

You don't always need new ducts when you get new HVAC equipment, but if you've added on to your home or made any other changes that will change the size of your HVAC, then you might need new ducts too.

An HVAC contractor will calculate the size of ducts needed for your new HVAC and let you know if new ducts are required. It might be best to get new ducts so your ducts and HVAC are the same age and will need to be replaced in the future at about the same time.

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