2 Reasons Why A Professional Should Install Your Home's New Furnace

7 March 2022
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After having problems with your home's current heating system, you may have decided that it is time to replace it. After selecting a model that you feel is appropriate for your home, you may be considering installing it yourself.

However, replacing your old system with a new one is typically not recommended as a do-it-yourself project. Along with lacking the necessary permits and potential required licenses, there are a couple of reasons why it would be better for a professional to install your home's new furnace.

1.  They Can Make Sure That Ductwork and Electrical Wiring Are Compatible with the Furnace

One reason why you should have a professional installer handle replacing your old furnace with a new one is that they can double-check all of the existing connections. These connections include the electrical wiring and ductwork, as well as the gas lines if your furnace is gas-powered.

Especially if your current furnace is an older model, these connections may not be compatible with the new one, and they most likely will not line up perfectly. Because of this, the ducts, lines, and wiring may need adjusting and/or replacing.

Because you most likely do not have the experience to make these changes, you should have a professional who does have it do the work.

2.  They Can Ensure That All of the Connections Are Made Correctly and Safely

You should forego installing your own furnace, and instead, have a licensed contractor do it for you because they can ensure that all of the connections are made correctly and safely. All ductwork and lines must be sealed tightly, and the wiring needs to be connected in a way that prevents potential fraying and shorting.

Especially if you have never installed a furnace before, you will not have the know-how to make these connections properly. If the ducts are not sealed properly, your furnace will have to work harder to heat your home, and gas lines could leak. A professional will have the experience and tools necessary to make these connections.

When you hire a professional installer to put in your home's new furnace, they not only ensure that all of the connections are correctly made but also make sure that the ducts and wiring can handle the unit. In addition, they can also run safety checks to ensure that the furnace is running properly and safely. When it comes time to replace your home's old heating unit, consider contacting an HVAC contractor in your area that offers furnace installation services to handle the job for you.