Factors That Affect Your Furnace Installation Cost

11 June 2021
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The transition from the warm summer months into the cold winter means you'll need to warm your home. But if your furnace has lost its efficiency and you have to keep repairing it, you should consider a new furnace installation project. 

Bringing in a new furnace has its benefits. You'll enjoy exceptional energy efficiency, especially if you install a furnace whose size is well-matched to the size of your home. But what kind of budget do you need for a new furnace? Many variables come into play. The cost depends on aspects such as the brand, its efficiency rating, your region, and your furnace installation partner. 

Here are factors that influence the cost of furnace installation. 

Furnace size 

Different furnace brands and models are not made the same. The unit that suits a small family home isn't ideal for a larger multi-family home. Before you settle on a given furnace, you must engage an HVAC technician. These technicians come to your home and take actual measurements. Buying the right size of furnace saves you unnecessary installation and energy usage costs in the long run. If you pick an oversized furnace or an undersized one, you'll incur high energy costs. A larger home needs a bigger furnace, meaning it will cost more. 

Length of Occupancy 

Did you know that your occupancy and moving plans greatly affect the cost of furnace installation? If the current furnace fails and you intend to live in the home for more years, it makes sense to purchase a unit with add-on features. This means you'll enjoy warmth and efficiency in the long term. If you're planning to occupy a new home in the next few years, you can install an average model that won't cost a fortune. After all, there's no need to pay for furnace frills that you're likely to leave behind. 

Labor Needs 

The new furnace you buy comes with unique installation requirements. The labor you require to mount it will affect the overall cost. Labor costs differ from one installation firm to another. Your home's location and the strain involved influence the overall project costs. If the HVAC crew has to rip off the old system for a new furnace, they'll handle the removal and add it to the invoice.

Unit Features 

Different furnace models present varied features and frills. A highly advanced and sophisticated model will cost more compared to a simple furnace. More features indicate that the furnace is likely to be more efficient. For instance, if you choose a model with speed blowers that regulate its operation in hot and cold weather, your furnace will guarantee additional energy efficiency. It's advisable to consult an HVAC technician to guide you on the must-have features to include when buying and installing a new furnace.

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