Preventative Plumbing Maintenances That Prevent Costly Repairs

22 April 2021
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Apart from the inundation of the septic tank during a flood, most plumbing problems are preventable. For example, if the toilet refuses to flush, the blockage has been building up a long time and has come to a climax.

Preventative maintenance involves handling small plumbing problems so that they do not grow into emergencies that are more difficult to handle. It will save you much discomfort and any frantic calls to a 24-hour emergency plumbing service. During this routine maintenance, a plumber tries to identify problems in different components of the plumbing system. These routine tasks include:

Inspecting and Unclogging Blocked Drains

Clogged drains cause slow drainage in the shower, bathtubs, and kitchen sink. Much of the debris that clogs the drains goes down the pipe and causes emergency pipe blockages. The plumber will clear any foreign materials that are clogging the drains. They include plastic wrappers, hairs, soap debris, and other insoluble matter. 

Ensuring Toilets Are Flushing Properly

What happens when you flush the toilet? When flushing properly, the water should whirl in the bowl and drain with a 'whoosh' sound. A plumber will inspect toilets that have flushing issues and any issues that make it so the toilet cannot flush completely. Checking for problems with the toilet will also highlight any issues with the sewer lines. They will run a snake in the sewer lines to clear any blockages that may build up. If the toilets won't flush and all the drains don't work, then these blocked sewer lines are an emergency case. As such, you must call a 24-hour emergency plumbing service to fix it. 

Assessing the Water Pressure 

How fast or slow is water flowing from different faucets? Slow flows can point to leakage or an illegal connection that is draining water from the pipe. A plumber can discover such problems during routine preventative plumbing maintenance. 

Inspect for Water Leaks 

Water leaks may not be emergency cases, but they can cost hundreds of dollars of loss in water bills. The plumber will discover leakages during the routine inspections. Sometimes weaknesses in the pipe can cause complete pipe failure in old pipes. Fortunately, a plumber will fix the leaks and repair damaged piping to prevent full-blown pipe bursts. Preventative plumbing maintenance can save you much trouble in the future. It stops small problems from ballooning into emergencies. But in case an emergency happens, engage a competent 24-hour emergency plumbing service to fix your problems. Contact a plumber for more information.