The Dirt AC Problems That Can Be Avoided With Duct Cleaning And Thorough Maintenance

19 March 2021
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Maintenance of your AC is important to ensure you do not have problems when you need it the most. A lot of the maintenance that needs to be done to your AC has to do with simply keeping it clean. So, you may want to know more about what you can do to keep it clean and stay up to date with the maintenance that needs to be done.

Cleaning the Ducts to Remove Dust and Debris — The ducts of your HVAC system can buildup a lot of debris inside them over the years. Your system's ductwork can be cleaned to remove the debris and dust that builds up over the years. This helps prevent problems with filters becoming blocked and issues with the wear of AC components. Cleaning the ducts will also help eliminate airborne allergens that are a problem during the spring and summer months.

Cleaning the AC Condensing Unit Seasonally — The air conditioner condensing unit is another area of your AC that needs to be cleaned as part of routine maintenance. This is some of the most important maintenance that needs to be done because it prevents problems with the components freezing due to condensation. When you have your HVAC ducts cleaned, you can also ask the service to clean the unit to ensure this has been done before the summer heat starts. You may also want to clean and weatherize your system before turning it off for the winter months.

Regularly Changing Filters and Routine Service Schedule — The maintenance that you always hear you need to do regularly is changing your AC air filter. This is something that needs to be done throughout the summer and when you have your system serviced. In addition, it is also a good idea to have a service contract to have maintenance done regularly. If you want to reduce problems with allergens and airborne particles when you use your AC, have electrostatic filters installed in your system.

Tuning Up Your AC When It Needs It Before Spring Ends — It is also important to tune up your AC during the spring months when you have it serviced before summer. During an AC tune-up, the HVAC technician will change the filter, check the gas levels, and inspect the system for problems that need to be repaired. They will also calibrate the AC with the thermostat to ensure it is working properly and efficiently.

The right maintenance will help ensure your AC and ducts stay clean. If you need help cleaning your system before the summer heat starts, contact an air conditioner duct cleaning service.