3 Reasons You Might Hear A Hissing Noise Coming From Your Air Conditioning System

7 January 2021
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It's unnerving to hear a hissing noise coming from your air conditioner. When your AC makes odd noises, you don't know if the problem is minor or a sign of a serious problem with your equipment. That's why you should call an air conditioning repair service when you hear any kind of unusual noises coming from your AC equipment, including hissing. Here are possible reasons for a hissing sound.

1. The Compressor Is Malfunctioning

The compressor is located in the outdoor condenser part of your air conditioning system, and it is part of the refrigeration system. The compressor circulates refrigerant from the condenser coils to the evaporator coils and uses pressure to change the refrigerant from liquid to gas.

If a hissing noise is coming from the condenser, there could be a refrigerant leak somewhere in the compressor that's housed inside the condenser cage. If the leak is in a valve, the air conditioning repair technician can make repairs to stop the problem. However, if the leak goes on too long and causes damage to the compressor, the compressor might need to be replaced, and that is usually an expensive air conditioning repair.

2. A Refrigerant Line Or Coil Is Leaking

Refrigerant flows through copper lines in your air conditioning system. The lines connect to two sets of copper coils. A tiny hole anywhere along the lines or coils could lead to a refrigerant leak that causes a hissing noise. A loose connection might also be to blame. It's also important to know your AC could have a refrigerant leak and not make any noise.

The repair technician needs to find the leak so it can be repaired. Repairs might involve tightening a connection or soldering a hole closed. Call an air conditioning repair service as soon as you suspect your AC might have a refrigerant leak because the refrigerant level will get so low eventually that your AC won't be able to keep your home cool until repairs are done.

3. The Air Ducts Are Leaking

The air ducts in your house are part of the air conditioning system too. If a duct gets a leak, you might hear a hissing sound, but find it difficult to pinpoint. If you don't hear the noise outside, but you hear it inside and it's not coming from the air handler, the ducts might be to blame. The repair technician might be able to fix this problem by sealing the leak or putting in a new duct if the damage is too bad for repairs to be done.

For more information, contact an air conditioning repair service today.