Don't Overlook These Signs That A New Furnace Installation Is Needed

1 December 2020
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A new furnace installation will be needed by most households during the course of homeownership. Furnaces are considered durable and long-lasting appliances, but this does not mean that you can expect them to last indefinitely. Many homeowners who get HVAC maintenance as recommended do not need furnace repairs often. This is because maintenance services are preventative and HVAC technicians can identify and repair issues before they get advanced or become an obvious concern. The following points identify a few signs that a furnace is nearing the end of its lifecycle and will need to be replaced. 

Strange Odors

Furnaces should not produce strange smells on a regular basis. It is common to smell a burnt scent shortly after a furnace gets serviced or lit. However, this is a smell that should not linger. 

Strange Sounds

Loud noises are a sign that something is malfunctioning with a furnace. Banging, hissing, and squealing noises are sounds that some furnaces make when they are approaching the end of their lifecycle. There are other issues that could cause certain noises, such as loose or damaged parts. However, an aged furnace with certain damaged parts may mean expensive repair costs that exceed the value of the dated furnace. Replacing the furnace and getting a full warranty makes better sense. 


Gas furnaces operate using a combustion process. Since gas is the fuel source, it can create dangerous circumstances if a leak occurs. Carbon monoxide leaks can cause a number of symptoms such as headaches and flu-like symptoms. This can cause confusion because most furnaces are used in the winter, and that represents a time when flu viruses are prevalent. Individuals may mistake their symptoms for an illness because carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless. 

Changes in Comfort

Homeowners who start to notice that their homes are not as warm as they are used to may find out that they are experiencing the first signs of furnaces that need to be replaced. Certain rooms may take longer to warm or may not warm at all. It may also appear as though the thermostat settings and actual "feel" in the home do not match.

An HVAC technician is a good resource to use to diagnose heating issues and make furnace repairs. They can also help you discover issues that may be less obvious, such as poor energy efficiency. Furnaces can produce heat, but they may have efficiency issues that make getting a new furnace installation worth considering. Continued operation will result in high energy bills and may mean that the unit works harder to produce heat. This overworking may lead to mechanical failure, which is why planning ahead or making a decision to get a new furnace is sensible. 

For more information on getting a new furnace installation, talk to an HVAC contractor in your area.