Water Heater Installations To Improve Your Home

21 August 2020
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When you need to install a new water heater in your home, you want the most reliable, efficient, and durable solutions. Today, there are many more options than just the conventional gas or electric tank systems that have been installed in homes for decades. The following water heater installation information will help you find the right solution for the needs of your home.

Heat pump solutions for volumes of hot water

The most popular solution for water heaters when a large volume of hot water is needed is a heat pump system. These are systems that work much like a heat pump AC system and take thermal energy from the surrounding environment to heat the water in the tank. The heat pump water heater can efficiently provide hot water for larger homes with more plumbing.

Tankless systems for the convenience of on-demand hot water

The next option that you will want to consider for an efficient water heater for your home is a tankless system. These on-demand water heaters eliminate the tank of a conventional system to provide you with hot water when you need it. The elimination of the tank also helps to improve the efficiency of your hot water heater to reduce energy consumption.

High-efficiency electric water heaters powered by renewable energy

The water heater installation that you have done for your household plumbing can also be a high-efficiency system. The benefit of the modern high-efficiency water heater designs is that they can often be powered by renewable energy solutions like solar panels or wind turbines. These systems are ideal for average-sized homes, but may not be the right solution when you need a larger volume of hot water.

Solar water heaters and other efficient energy solutions for water heaters

Another option that you will want to consider for your home is solar energy. These are often solar water heater systems that are specially designed to provide hot water directly to your plumbing or to an existing water heater. These systems can be installed with some of the other water heater installations for a completely new system that is as efficient as possible. Vacuum tube solar water heaters are the most efficient and ideal solutions for the household plumbing needs of your home.

These are some facts you want to know about the water heater installation for your home. Contact a water heater installation professional for help or more information.