Reasons Your Home May Be Hot And Humid In The Summer And AC Repairs That Can Help

29 April 2020
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The heat isn't the only thing that makes the long, hot days of summer unbearable. Humidity is also to blame. Your air conditioner works to remove both heat and humidity from your home. If your AC isn't working as well as it should, you can be left hot and sweaty, even if your AC is running. Here are some causes and fixes for this problem.

The AC Coils Are Dirty

Dirty coils interfere with how well your air conditioner removes heat from your home. The condenser coils are outside, and these are responsible for releasing heat that the evaporator coils pick up. If the condenser coils are dirty, heat can't escape, so your AC won't cool down your home very well.

As refrigerant circulates through your AC system, the refrigerant flow from the condenser coils to the evaporator coils inside. The cold refrigerant pulls heat from your home, and it also pulls out moisture through the process of condensation. If the evaporator coils are dirty, the refrigerant won't be able to cool down the coils as much, so there is less moisture removed from your home.

An AC repair technician can fix this problem by cleaning off the coils so the refrigerant chills the coils as much as possible to provide maximum cooling and moisture removal.

The Condensation Line Is Clogged

When the evaporator coil pulls moisture out of the air, the condensation flows down a drain and outside of your house or down a floor drain. If the drain is clogged, the water can't escape. It might back up in the AC and cause it to shut down. However, it might also spill on the floor and cause the humidity in your house to stay elevated.

The air conditioning repair technician can unplug the drain or make other necessary repairs to get the condensation flowing again. When your AC is kept dry, it won't add more moisture to the air.

The Refrigerant Is Low

The refrigerant controls how well the AC cools your home. Anything that interferes with the refrigerant, including a loss of refrigerant, will make your home warmer than you want it to be. When refrigerant leaks out, the repair technician has to find the leak and repair it so the line can be filled again. Then your air conditioner can keep your home cool and dry.

You can do other things to lower the humidity in your home, such as run a dehumidifier or use a ceiling fan that blows air on your skin. However, one of the most important things you can do to control humidity on sweltering hot summer days is to keep your air conditioner in top form through regular maintenance and timely repairs.

Contact a company that offers air conditioner repair services to learn more.