Frozen Coils And Hot Air AC Troubleshooting Guide To Get To The Bottom Of Air Conditioning Problems During Summer Heat

27 April 2020
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One of the problems that can be frustrating during a summer heatwave is the AC coils freezing. This is often due to the problems with dirty air filters and AC components, and it can cause serious damage to the compressor and other parts. Therefore, you want to know how to assess the AC freezing problems causing hot air to come out of your vents quickly. The following troubleshooting guide will help you deal with problems causing your AC to freeze and hot air to come out of the HVAC vents:

Start by Inspecting the Electrical Components and Turning the Power Off to Continue Troubleshooting

The first thing that needs to be done is inspecting the AC unit and controls for electrical problems. Turn the AC on and the thermostat down to see if the compressor is coming on when it should. After checking the electrical wiring, turn the power off to the AC before continuing with additional AC troubleshooting to ensure you can inspect your air conditioner safely.

Changing the Filter and Checking All of Your AC Components for Signs of Dust and Grime

Dust and dirt that gets caught in the AC ducts and on components can cause serious problems. Therefore, you want to make sure the filters are changed regularly to avoid problems with freezing, which is often due to dirt in ducts and on parts. When you change the filter, look for problems with dust building up inside of the ducts, which may mean that there are problems that will need to be repaired.

Cleaning the Condensing Unit and Coils to Stop the Freezing Problems During Hot Weather

After changing and checking the air filter, you will want to move outside to the AC condensing unit. This is where the dirt and grime cause serious problems with the freezing that causes damage to compressors and hot air to come out of vents. If there is ice on parts, wait for it to thaw before cleaning the parts and turning the unit back on.

Turning the AC Back on and Listen for Strange Noises Coming from The Fan and Compressor

Once you have thawed the ice and cleaned the condensing unit outside, you will be ready to turn the AC back on to see if this has solved the problem. If there are still problems, you will want to have an AC repair service fix the problem and inspect parts like the compressor that could have been damaged when the parts started to freeze.

These are some troubleshooting tips to help you identify the problems that you are having with your AC freezing. If you are having problems with the AC freezing during the summer heat, contact an AC repair port service to help fix the problem and inspect parts for damage.