Key Indications That You Need Heating Repair Services

16 April 2020
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As a novice homeowner, recognizing problems with your home's major appliances can be challenging. Unfortunately, failing to recognize the early signs of problems can ultimately leave you facing complete failures and more costly issues. Here are a few things you should watch for with your home's heating system to address problems before your furnace fails completely.

Low Heat Production

If you feel sufficient air coming from your furnace vents but you notice that the air just isn't as warm as it usually is, that's cause for concern. Not only will low heat lead to your home's furnace running far more than it should, but it will also leave your home feeling uncomfortable.

You'll want to reach out to your local heating repair technician as soon as you notice the low heat levels. He or she can inspect the system and determine the source of the issue. Sometimes, it's a problem with the heat exchanger, while other times it's the result of thermostat problems.

Poor Airflow

Your furnace should be putting out the same amount of air on a consistent basis. You'll come to get used to the airflow that comes from your heating vents when your furnace is running. If you notice that there isn't as much air coming through your vents, even if the air temperature feels normal, you should take some time to troubleshoot some possible causes.

For example, sometimes the poor airflow is the result of a clogged air filter that's hindering the incoming airflow in the system. Replacing or cleaning the filter will solve the problem in this situation. 

However, sometimes the reduced airflow is because you're losing the air somewhere else. This is often the result of a poor seal in your air ducts or an air duct that's been cracked. You'll want to have a heating repair technician help you with a thorough inspection of the air ducts to identify the source of the air loss. Then, the technician can patch the leak and restore the airflow to your vents.

Unusual Noises

In most cases, your furnace makes some pretty consistent sounds when it's running. If you start noticing unusual noises, including banging, ticking, knocking, or grinding, it's important that you don't dismiss it. Turn your furnace off right away if it starts making sounds like these. Reach out to a heating repair technician to inspect the burner, the circulator fan, and other components. The sooner you address the sounds, the better it will be for your furnace.