Commercial Refrigeration Myths That Can Mislead Businesses

25 April 2019
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The refrigeration needs of a commercial building can be rather intense. Unfortunately, misinformation concerning the options for meeting the refrigeration needs of a business can lead to businesses making poor decisions and mistakes as refrigeration options are considered.

Myth: Commercial Refrigeration Systems Always Involve Walk-In Coolers Or Freezers

Walk-in coolers and freezers can be indispensable for many businesses, and these systems can be among the most common commercial refrigeration systems. However, there are many businesses that may have cooling needs that would not be effectively met with these systems. For example, some businesses may need to keep their large storage area extremely cool but not fully refrigerated. In these situations, there are cooling and refrigeration systems that are designed for use in large spaces. Allowing a commercial refrigeration professional to evaluate the area needing to be cooled will allow you to learn the most effective and affordable options.

Myth: A Commercial Refrigeration System Is Maintenance Free

As with any other type of refrigeration system, you will need to make sure that your system is being properly maintained and serviced. Otherwise, its ability to refrigerate or cool the area will be severely compromised, and you may need to pay for expensive repairs to the system. Thoroughly reviewing the recommended maintenance and service steps for any refrigeration or cooling system will be essential steps for a business leader to take. Otherwise, they may invest in a system with maintenance needs that are much greater than what the business will be able to effectively meet. In addition to reviewing the maintenance that you or your employees will be expected to perform, you should also review the recommended service schedule. Some of these systems may be able to go a couple of years without being fully serviced, but others may require this type of maintenance twice a year.

Myth: Your Building Will Need Major Structural Changes To Accommodate A Commercial Refrigeration System

The installation of a commercial refrigeration system can be a highly disruptive process to go through. Some business owners may assume that this installation will always require major structural changes to the building. However, this is usually not the case, but it will depend on the design of the building and the specific system that is being installed. For example, a self-contained walk-in cooler or freezer may need little more than a large area where the unit can be placed. Conversely, those that are wanting to convert an existing room into a walk-in cooler will require more intensive changes to be made. Contact a local business to learn more about commercial refrigeration installation.