Could Your Air Conditioner Be More Efficient?

4 March 2019
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If you live somewhere hot, you know the power of a good air conditioner. You rely on your AC to keep you cool throughout the heat of the summer, especially if you live somewhere the heat can be devastating and dangerous.

Many people don't realize that many of the methods for making their air conditioners more efficient are free or affordable, and many of them are things you can do right now. Take a look at this list to see how you could improve the way your AC works.

Clean the Outside of Your Outdoor Unit

The outdoor condenser unit is the outdoor component of your air conditioner. When the area surrounding the unit becomes dirty or clogged, your AC works inefficiently. Cleaning your condenser is critical, but the best way to clean it properly is to hire a professional to provide a deep cleaning.

Clean the Interior Vents

Your inside vents are important to clean too. Vacuum your vents regularly to keep debris at bay. If you notice dust or debris accumulating on the outside of the vents, use water and a rag to clear it away.

While you're at it, keep the vents unblocked by furniture and other household items. Chairs, blinds, curtains, and couches can block the flow of air. Keep a clear path in front of the vents for the best results. 

Keep Heat Away from the Thermostat

When you keep heat-related appliances near your thermostat, your system is turning on and off at the wrong times, causing your system to work inefficiently. Don't let the heat from lamps and other heat-creating items influence your thermostat's ability to detect the temperature accurately.

Additionally, you might consider not using the oven or clothes dryer during the day when it is warm. As these appliances fill your home with warm air, your AC will kick on more often. You will find yourself changing your thermostat more often than you would like.

Check Out Your Windows

How much sunlight are you allowing into your home? Open curtains and blinds allow for some pleasant sunlight on a lovely day, but it also lets sunlight beam heat into your home. Close window coverings for a more efficient AC.

Speak With a Professional

Do you think your system could be more efficient? Get in touch with a professional air conditioning technician to learn more about specific things you can do in your home to be more efficient.