No Warmth From A Central Heater

14 April 2018
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A central heating system consists of numerous parts that sometimes fall into bad shape. Diagnosing problems when they arise can be complicated, especially if they involve the system producing an insufficient level of heat. The complications stem from there being so many parts that are needed for heat to be produced. Most of the time the problems are the result of something being wrong with the furnace, as it is where many of the important heating elements are located. After reading through the content in this article, you will know the possible causes for your central heating system to not work properly.

The Furnace Has No Connection to the Thermostat

A functional furnace is unable to work unless the central heating system thermostat works. If no heat comes from the vents after turning the thermostat on, it can point to the furnace not coming on. In such a case, you should ensure that the thermostat is still functional. You might be dealing with a broken thermostat that a technician can repair if necessary. The thermostat might need a replacement part, or it can be experiencing an electrical problem that's preventing it from turning on.

A Flame Doesn't Ignite in the Pilot Orifice

Another possible problem that can cause a central heating system not to work is a lack of fire in the orifice. Basically, the orifice is the metal part of the furnace pilot where a flame comes out when you have the heater running. A technician can determine if the orifice is the problem, or if other parts are preventing a flame from being ignited. Damaged furnace parts such as the burner, thermocouple, and gas valve can prevent the pilot from igniting. There is also the possibility that the orifice is dirty or severely rusty, which can easily be repaired by an HVAC technician.

There isn't a Sufficient Amount of Gas Being Supplied

If your furnace runs off of gas, it is possible that a sufficient amount of it isn't going into the furnace when the heater is running. A line might be clogged with dirt or something else that is preventing gas from flowing freely. You should always leave the handling of gas lines to a professional, as a simple mistake can cause an explosion or injury. If gas is found to be the problem, it is also possible that the only thing needed is for it to be turned up so more will flow into the furnace.

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