Making Sure You Care For Your HVAC System Like You Should

26 August 2017
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If you are like a lot of other people, then you may think the only thing to be done to your central air and heat unit is to occasionally take care of the air filter. However, the people who do think this way are also generally the same ones who end up finding that they are dealing with problems midway through the summer or winter. This is because contrary to popular belief, central systems actually do require a bit of routine maintenance in order for people to keep them working the way they should. Here are some questions and answers about taking care of an HVAC system:

Do all central air conditioner and heater units need to be charged?

Most of the time a well-running ac unit won't need to be recharged. However, they can get very small leaks in them. When this happens, you can have a tech come out to recharge the unit at the start of the season and it should last all summer. The tech will let you know how serious the leak is. Sometimes, you can go a few seasons or even more before something needs to be done about the leak. However, if it starts to get any bigger, then it should be taken care of as soon as possible.

Can you run the unit temporarily without an air filter in place?

If you find that your air isn't working well due to a clogged up filter and it's hot outside, you may find yourself wanting to pull the filter out and run the unit without one in until you can go to the store for a new one or clean off the current one if it is reusable. However, you should never do this. The filter is in place to catch large particles so they don't make their way in the system and cause damage. Plus, the filter slows down the air flow that gets sucked through the system. Running it without the filter, even for a short amount of time, can cause damage.

Are there other parts that should be kept clean?

Your air conditioner and heater do have other parts that should be kept clean. A couple examples include the indoor air coil, the outdoor coil, and the condensation pump. While it is possible for some of these to be cleaned by you, it really is best if you just have the tech take care of all the cleaning while they are servicing and cleaning the unit. This way, you know that everything is done at the same time and as well as can be. The one part that you do want to keep your own eye on is the outside compressor covering which needs to be kept free of getting covered with trash or taken over by overgrown weeds. You also want to make sure you cover it in the winter so it doesn't get covered with snow.

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