3 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Old Air Conditioning System

23 September 2021
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An air conditioner wears out with time. When it's worn out, its efficiency and effectiveness reduce significantly. This is why you should have it replaced after you have used it for more than ten years or when it's extensively damaged. If you wonder why you should replace your air conditioning system, read on to find out the benefits of having a new AC system. 1. You Enhance the Quality of Indoor Air Read More 

Is Your Air Conditioner Short Cycling? Follow These Troubleshooting Tips

30 August 2021
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Do you have an air conditioner that is turning on and then shutting down immediately? This is a sign that the air conditioner is short cycling. Here are some tips to troubleshoot your air conditioner to get it running properly again. Turn Off The Air Conditioner The first thing you should do is shut down the air conditioner for a while and see what happens. What you are looking for is water that forms beneath your outdoor or indoor components, since this is an indication that coils have frozen and need to thaw out. Read More 

3 Surprising Facts About Mini-Split AC Systems

4 August 2021
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Are you considering installing a mini-split system in your house or condo? These air conditioners offer many benefits, and they're often an excellent choice for retrofitting older homes without existing ductwork. While many other countries use split systems, window units are still more common for homes without central AC in the US. Because they're less common, you may not know how many advantages these systems can offer to your home. Keep reading to learn three facts about mini-split air conditioning systems that may surprise you. Read More 

What To Know About Getting Professional AC Repair Service

13 July 2021
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When you are looking to get the best from your home, taking care of your air conditioning is one of the most critical steps that you can take. If summer comes around and you are struggling to stay cool inside your home, it can both make you uncomfortable and create serious health risks. Getting in touch with an AC repair professional is one of the best steps that you can take to make sure that your home is looked after correctly. Read More 

Factors That Affect Your Furnace Installation Cost

11 June 2021
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The transition from the warm summer months into the cold winter means you'll need to warm your home. But if your furnace has lost its efficiency and you have to keep repairing it, you should consider a new furnace installation project.  Bringing in a new furnace has its benefits. You'll enjoy exceptional energy efficiency, especially if you install a furnace whose size is well-matched to the size of your home. But what kind of budget do you need for a new furnace? Read More