3 Affordable Ways to Figure out How to Save Energy Operating Your Commercial Facility

27 November 2019
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One of the biggest costs of running a commercial facility is often energy costs. If the energy costs for your commercial facility have gotten out of hand or are higher than you want them to be, there are affordable steps you can take to reduce the energy consumption of your commercial facility.

Affordable Solution #1: Get Your HVAC System Serviced

Commercial facilities, with the large infrastructure that they take up, need HVAC systems in order to control the temperature in the facility and in order to ensure proper airflow. Commercial buildings often have extensive HVAC systems that require professional upkeep.

You need to partner with HVAC contractors and have them come out, inspect, and perform maintenance on your HVAC unit at least twice a year. An improperly taken care of HVAC system, in a large building, can really increase your energy costs. You can get these costs under control by simply making sure that your system is properly taken care of. Performing regular maintenance and making sure your HVAC system is operating properly can greatly reduce overall energy costs for your commercial property.

Affordable Solution #2: Increase Insulation

The second thing you can do is increase the insulation in your building. The loss of heat from your building can cost you as much as neglecting your HVAC system. Adding insulation can directly impact and reduce your energy bill.

For example, you can have your HVAC company insulate all the vents throughout your building. This will help ensure that heat is not lost through your vents as the air travels through the building. You can also add insulation to your actual HVAC equipment to help the equipment work as effectively as possible.

You can add insulation to other areas in your building as well to help lower your heating costs. For example, you can increase the insulation in the attic space of your building, or put more insulation in the interior walls.

Affordable Solution #3: Programmable Thermostats

Finally, you can have your HVAC company install programmable thermostats in your building. This will allow you to lower the heat when no one is in the building. If no one is in your building in the evening or over the weekend, programmable thermostats can help you save a lot of money on your heating costs.

When it comes to setting the temperature for your office, keep in mind the make-up of your office. Women perform better in offices that are warmer than 70 degrees, whereas men often prefer colder offices. However, women's productivity is impacted more by colder temperatures than men's is by warmer temperatures, so try to keep your office in the low 70s during the day.

Bring down the cost of heating and cooling your office by getting your HVAC system serviced, insulating your HVAC system and your building, and install some programmable thermostats.