Dry A Wet Vanity Cabinet And Patch A Damaged Pipe

8 June 2017
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If you noticed that a pipe is leaking underneath your bathroom sink when you opened the vanity's cabinet doors and the cabinet's base is saturated, dry the cabinet and patch the pipe by completing the steps below. This simple fix will prevent damage to the cabinet and will allow you to use the sink until you are able to have the plumbing inspected and repaired or replaced by a certified plumber:


  • absorbent towels
  • portable heater
  • oscillating fan
  • latex gloves
  • emery cloth
  • jar of epoxy putty
  • putty knife
  • roll of wide Teflon tape
  • spray bottle
  • water
  • bowl
  • scissors

Dry The Cabinet's Interior And Patch The Damaged Pipe

Turn off the main water valve to temporarily suspend your water supply. Use absorbent towels to mop up water that is on the cabinet floor. Set up a portable heating unit in front of the cabinet to assist with drying the cabinet's interior. To increase ventilation inside of the bathroom place an oscillating fan close to the cabinet. After the cabinet's interior has dried, put on a pair of latex gloves. Move an emery cloth back and forth over the pipe section that is leaking to rough up the pipe's exterior. A slightly rough surface will assist with adhering epoxy putty.

Open a can of epoxy putty and remove a small amount of the putty. Knead the putty for several minutes until it softens. Flatten the putty against the damaged portion of the pipe. Use a putty knife or your fingertips to assist with smoothing out the putty so that it is flush with the pipe. Wait several hours for the putty to cure. 

Add A Few Layers Of Teflon Tape

Fill a spray bottle with water. While holding a roll of wide Teflon tape over a bowl, spray water onto the tape. Once the roll of tape is slightly damp, locate the end of the tape. Line the end of the tape over the edge of the epoxy-covered surface. Press the tape firmly against the epoxy. Continue to unroll tape and wind it tightly around the damaged portion of the pipe. Add several layers of tape to ensure that the epoxy is covered sufficiently.

The layers of Teflon tape will add additional protection from leaks, especially if the epoxy putty was not applied properly and loosens from the pipe. After the Teflon tape has dried, turn on the water supply and inspect the plumbing that is inside of the vanity cabinet to determine if the plumbing is no longer leaking.

If following these steps doesn't fix your leak, contact your local plumbing services right away!