Preparing Your Air Conditioning Unit for Summer Use

An In-Depth Guide To Server Room Air Conditioners

Keeping your office comfortable isn’t the only reason why you need a reliable air conditioning system. Air conditioners also play an essential role in keeping electronic equipment from being damaged by excess heat. Here’s what you should know about server room air conditioning and how it prevents your server equipment from being damaged. Why You […]

Signs That You Have Overcharged Your AC Unit

If you have a central air conditioning system that has a pinhole leak, then you may decide to recharge the system occasionally to help retain consistent pressure throughout the system. However, if you decide to continually add refrigerant, then you may inadvertently overcharge the system. If this happens, then it is wise to contact an HVAC […]

How To Keep Your AC Compressor From Overheating

If you have a central air conditioning unit, then you likely know that the large box-shaped portion of the device that sits outside your home is called the condenser. This part of the system will contain a compressor pump, a series of refrigerant lines, a fan, a fan motor, and metal grates. One of the […]

5 Reasons To Schedule Air Duct Cleaning After Dealing With A Pest Infestation

After insects, rodents, or other pests infiltrate your home to set up their own nests, it can be hard to feel like the place is clean again after the pest control company eliminates the invasion. While most companies include duct inspection as part of their final checkup to make sure the pests are gone, you […]

How To Cool The Attic Second Floor Of A Home More Effectively

Does your home have the “second floor” built into what would have otherwise been the attic space? This is a design element typical of Cape Cod-style homes, but other home designs are sometimes remodeled to allow living space in the attic, too. These attic second floors can be hard to cool; yours may stay warm […]

Think Your Thermostat’s Lying To You? Here’s What You Can Do About It

HVAC thermostats are usually accurate when it comes to measuring room temperatures, but there’s always the possibility that your thermostat’s readings might not match up with the actual room temperature. If your home feels hotter or colder than your thermostat’s letting on, then there may be a fault within the thermostat. The following explains why […]

How To Boost Your AC’s Efficiency, Save On Your Energy Bill, And Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

With warmer months approaching, it is important to make sure your home and air conditioner are ready for the heat. As you try to stay cool this summer, here are some tips to help you maximize your air conditioner’s effectiveness, save money on your energy bill, and keep your home as cool as possible. Maintain Your AC Unit […]

Three Problematic Water Pipe Materials You Should Seek To Identify During A Home Inspection

If you are planning to purchase a home and wish to perform your own inspection, there are several potential plumbing problems to look for. One such problem concerns the use of less-than-desirable water pipe materials found in many homes built in the 20th century. Obsolete pipe materials can result in serious leaks and damage to […]

3 Signs You May Need To Replace Your Central Air Conditioner

Central air conditioner replacement is not a topic that many homeowners think about until their air conditioner breaks down. If you are aware of a few early indicators that a breakdown may be possible in the near future, you can have your air conditioner replaced without dealing with a few days or weeks of uncomfortable […]

4 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Could Break Down This Summer

With summer in full swing, the last thing you need is for your air conditioning system to break down unexpectedly. But it’s not uncommon for A/C systems to conk out right when homeowners need them most. The following highlights 4 common reasons why your A/C system could give out this summer and what you can […]